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This is my kind of haunted house.

This is my kind of haunted house.

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*talkin sexy* ooh baby, I’m gonna put a baby in you. Wait no, hang on, I mean my penis. Haha sorry it’s been a while.

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Kim Jong-un has been missing for 37 days and everyone assumes that he’s been “overthrown” or that he’s “planning something” but I’m pretty sure he just got his head stuck between the stair banisters again.



Seriously do not eat red meat y’all… It makes u so tired and sluggish and horrible.. I ate a burger and then took a nap and when I woke up I was like so hot and sluggish and like could barely move seriously the only time this has happened was when I ate red meat as well it’s soooo bad for u omg

this is fake cuz i ate two steak sandwiches the other day and then beat up my stepdad

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"I like the Oogie Boogie Font for our business name, which is what I use in our documents. Please use that."

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